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Mindful eating, mindful living

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Mindful eating is a way of eating with your mind & not just your mouth. This healthy practice has both physical & mental benefits. Not only will weight loss goals be achieved more quickly, you also get to reap the benefits of improved digestion, controlled blood sugar, as well as reduced stress levels. With stress being the silent killer that sneaks up on us all - without us knowing it, you can imagine just how useful mindful eating can be!

In a world full of distractions & deadlines, it can be really difficult to eat mindfully. What I'm about to share with you today is a full-proof plan that will ensure that every time you eat, you are tuning into your mind. Here are several steps to create mindful eating habits, regardless of what is on your plate or your schedule:

Eliminate Distractions

  • Turn off your computer, phone, TV: Unplug from current distractions, whether that is responding to emails, binging your favorite Youtubers channel, or whatever it may be - take a moment to just be, distraction free.

  • Find a quiet place to enjoy your food: Eat in a breakroom, close your door, or find a quiet space where you can avoid interruptions.

Get the Mood Right

  • Put on some relaxing music: Music can soothe stressful thoughts. If you need your phone for this, it can still stream music even when it’s put away.

  • Dim the lights: Overhead fluorescent lighting can be harsh and stimulating. Consider turning some off or using a softer light to create a chill atmosphere.

  • Go outside: Better yet, opt for sunlight. Sit under a tree, letting nature work its stress-relieving magic.

Breathe & Connect to the Present

  • Take time to breathe: Use your breathing to shift your focus to the present. Take 10 deep breathes before eating - releasing any stress from the morning & any expectations for the afternoon.

  • Relax your mind: If you still feel stressed, opt for a short meditation before eating.

  • Emotional Check-In: How are you feeling? Journaling is a great way to bring your focus back to the present. Writing a few feelings down before eating, can be an incredible emotional release that will help your body fall into the "rest & digest" state.

Alright, and now you're ready to eat!

Remind yourself that taking the time to enjoy your meal allows for you to take full pleasure in the foods that you chose to nourish your body with.

The wonderful thing about mindful eating is that it is flexible and can be done anywhere at anytime – & only takes a few minutes of preparation before your meal. Take a chance on some of the above steps & watch how your experience around food changes. It can feel really good to relax, nourish your body, and set yourself up for an energetic and productive day.

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