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Ready for a Detox?

Been wanting to detox for awhile but don't know where to start? Sign up for the 14-Day MyBody-MyTemple Reset Cleanse, which eliminates bloat and toxins within the body by experimenting with foods to see which foods are right for you and which ones are slowing down your metabolism. 

14-Day Detox Cleanse

Detox & Cleanse Coaching

The 14-Day Cleanse is a reset for your gut that takes place over 14 days.


We will be flushing your gut of toxins and waste and then run an experiment on foods to identify food sensitivities.


This gives a better understanding of which foods are helping your metabolism and which foods are harming it.

Let's Work Together

If you aren't sure what program is right for you, continue to book or send me an email.


All First Sessions are TOTALLY FREE of charge, they act as discovery sessions to help you & me understand exactly where you are coming from & where you'd like to be going. 

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