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Explore our specially tailored programs designed to address a variety of areas including Self-Love & Care, Health & Digestion, Love & Relationships, Money & Finances, Career, Spirituality, and much more! Happy Booking! <3

Getting-to-Know-You Session


This session is all about getting to know each other and discovering how we will build a working relationship together.

Attracting Abundance 90-Day Program

Financial Coaching 

This 90-Day Program is oriented toward financial development & stability.

Universal Alignment 

90-Day Program 

Spiritual Coaching

This 90-Day Program is oriented toward spiritual development & awakenings.

Cultivating Connections 90-Day Program 

Love & Relationship Coaching

This 90-Day Program is oriented toward fostering a greater connection between romantic and platonic relationships.  The program is designed for anyone seeking out greater connection, advice in their relationships, or support in moving away from negative relationships.

Intuitive Reading

In need of guidance? Schedule an intuitive reading. 

If you're interested in simply getting a reading. You can book the link below and specify that you are signing up for a reading.

Career Confidence 90-Day Intensive

Career Coaching

This 90-Day Program is oriented toward career development & advancement.

Love Yourself in 90-Days Program 

Self-Care Coaching

This 90-Day program is all about learning to love yourself & all your parts, creating a healthy & happy life while banishing negative self-talk, bad habits, and poor body image. 

Mind & Body Total Transformation 90-Day Program 

Health & Wellness Coaching

This 90-Day Program is catered to your personal health goals and concerns.

MyBody MyTemple 14-Day Reset Cleanse

Detox & Cleanse Coaching

The 14-Day Cleanse is a reset for your gut that takes place over 14 days. We will be flushing your gut of toxins and waste and then run an experiment on foods to identify food sensitivities. This gives a better understanding of which foods are helping your metabolism and which foods are harming it.

Help Session

General Life Coaching

Designed to be delivered in one session (paid by session, rather than program), you can bring your general problems, bad habits, or new behaviors that you want to incorporate or remove from your life to this 1-on-1, stand-alone meeting, for quick guidance and advice on ways to achieve what it is you're wanting.

What Our Clients Say


Michele, MyBody MyTemple 14-Day Reset Cleanse

The 14 days were rough, but were so so so worth it. Having lex there to help keep me accountable and vice versa was a good source of CONFIDENCE and thoroughly helped me stay focused on what the goal was.

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