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Professional Development 90-Day Program

Lexi is so sweet and has helped me become the best me I can be. Meeting with her weekly and having her keep me accountable was the friendly push I needed to become more productive! She gave me the best tools to use and continued to build on what I had learned each week and continue to build even after the program is finished. She helped me achieve balance in my life again! If you are in need of a coach, Lexi is an amazing fit!


14-Day MyBody-MyTemple Detox Cleanse

The 14 days were rough but were so so so worth it. Having lex there to help keep me accountable and vice versa was a good source of CONFIDENCE and thoroughly helped me stay focused on what the goal was."


General Help Session

I always look forward to working with Alexa as their is always something new to learn from her. Everytime we meet I find her confidence grows, and her motivation and drive is infectious!!! I have a lot of confidence in Alexis and appreciate how she helps me show up in my best self even when I may be going through a challenging time!

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