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Lexi the Life Coach

My name is Lexi Henderson, and I am a dedicated health and life coach committed to guiding you towards transformative change. My mission is to help you overcome the obstacles that hold you back, so you can live a happier, more confident, and fulfilling life. Life is too short to be anything but your best self. Let me assist you in developing effective strategies to tackle the challenges that stand between you and your goals. Get in touch today to discover how I can support your journey to a better you. 


Living Mindfully

Begin practicing slow & mindful living. Anchor into the present moment, allowing yourself to just be. Each day is a gift & there is a lot to be grateful for.

Practicing Gratitude

Living Mindfully is established by showing gratitude which comes easily when you know that each moment is a gift. Leave judgement behind & choose gratitude. 


Allow yourself to believe in the most powerful version of you & start showing up as her. The universe will recognize your gratitude & the natural shift in your being. 

Love Yourself

Connection to Source & Self. Love every inch of your body, life, mind & soul. This is your world, we are just living in it. 

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How to begin the transformation process to becoming your Highest Self:

Achieving your BestLife...

Health Goals

A happy life starts with a healthy life. We will first address any health goals you may have, and work to reach them, and eventually create new goals.

Kick Bad Habits

We will examine your current habits and look for nourishing solutions that will make kicking the bad habits easier.

Love Yourself

Showing yourself love is one of the biggest parts of our journey together. Each session we will start by celebrating YOU! Big or small, a win is a win & it will be celebrated.

Prioritize Self

When Life Happens

Say Yes!

Life happens and we sometimes let it. It’s time we take control of our lives, and not let life get in the way. We will address how to say “No” and honor yourself when needed, and dive deeper into the belief that it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes.

And it will. You can feel comfort in knowing that you will be supported through it all. As your life coach, I will be available to you for support through the ups and downs of the program and everything in-between.

The best way to prioritize yourself is to say “Yes” to yourself. You are deserving and you can reach your goals!

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Lexi is so sweet and has helped me become the best me I can be. Meeting with her weekly and having her keep me accountable was the friendly push I needed to become more productive! She gave me the best tools to use and continued to build on what I had learned each week and continue to build even after the program is finished. She helped me achieve balance in my life again! If you are in need of a coach, Lexi is an amazing fit!

-Amber Vialpanda

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